Which Sunglasses Styles Suit Me?

The world is filled with many diverse and beautiful individuals and we embrace that at SummerEyez, which is why we’ve created various types of sunglasses to suit different face shapes. Oval, round, heart, and square are the most common face shapes around the world and in this blog, we’ll try to describe these shapes as best we can to help you determine which face shape you have and which type of sunglasses would be the best fit for you.


If you have an OVAL face, then it is somewhat long and balanced with rounded features. Your forehead may be a bit wider than your jaw since an oval shape tends to narrow at the ends. Anyone with an oval-shaped face is pretty lucky considering almost all sunglasses styles and shapes fit well, especially oversized frames, but it would be best to avoid square or rectangular shaped frames to soften your narrow features. We recommend considering some of these SummerEyez if you have an oval face shape - Bondi, Horizon, and Dune.


Those with a ROUND face shape have a face that looks more circular than it does oval, which means it is almost equal in length and width. Those with round faces usually have a less defined jaw line as opposed to an oval face shape, so it’s important to find a pair of sunnies that balance out your round features in the best way. Frames that have sharper, angular shapes or cat-eye details are the most fitting for those with round faces as they help lengthen your face. To avoid minimising your facial features and making your face look rounder, it would be best to avoid rounded frames. Some SummerEyez suggestions for those with round face shapes include Coral, Isla, and Pearl.


HEART-SHAPED faces tend to look like, well… a heart! With a heart-shaped face, your forehead may be wider than those with round or oval faces, while your cheekbones may have some more definition that help form a narrowed and defined chin. Frames that are round or bold are great suitors for those with heart-shaped faces while frames that resemble aviators may overemphasise your face shape, so it may be best to avoid that type. If you take a look at these SummerEyez, they will surely pair well with a face like this - Glenelg, Cove, and Henley.


Anyone with a SQUARE face shape tends to have strong, defined features. If you have a square face shape, then your jawline is usually on the wider side, your chin is more squared than others, and your whole face is pretty much equal in width and length. The most complementing frames for those with square faces are those that soften angles and provide the illusion of curves and a lengthened face. Frames that are rounded, oval-shaped, or created with extra details at the top corners of the frames such as a wing-like feature will offset a square-shaped face. It would be best to avoid sunglasses that are also square or have thin frames so your defined features don’t dominate your appearance. These SummerEyez would pair very well with those who have square face shapes - Oceana, Grange, and Ariel.

As you can see, there is a style of sunglasses for EVERY face shape in our collection of SummerEyez. We have created our sunnies with different physical features and personalities in mind and don’t doubt there is at least one pair that will look stunning on you! Our frames are meant to satisfy your love for warm weather, adventure, and eagerness to stand out from the crowd or blend in, whichever is more YOU.

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