Who are Sight For All?

Here at SummerEyez, we are proud to offer unique products that embody more than just a fashion statement - wearing a pair of SummerEyez also means demonstrating social responsibility. As a team that desires to improve society and raise awareness for meaningful work that sparks positive change, we commit to donating a portion of our profits to Sight For All, a charity focused on providing funds, services, and equipment to communities in need of quality eye health care.

About 15 years ago, three ophthalmologists from South Australia discovered a lack of comprehensive eye health services in developing countries as they volunteered for projects that saved the eyesight of underprivileged individuals in Asia. Aside from cataracts, they found there was no treatment or prevention for blinding conditions and that concern wasn’t being acknowledged by international aid organisations the way they thought it should be. Discovering this gap caused Drs. James Muecke, Henry Newland, and Bob Casson to collaborate with foreign colleagues and develop a sustainable sight-saving model that provides subspecialty workshops and equipment to eye clinics in neighbouring countries that need it most.

Sight For All’s mission is to “empower communities to deliver comprehensive, high quality eye health care through the provision of research, infrastructure, education, and awareness.” They value collaboration, sustainability, and respect by encouraging all stakeholders to participate, through utilization of comprehensive evidence-based projects to foster self-reliance, and by promoting human rights in all transactions. With 285 million people worldwide who are visually impaired because they lack the resources to obtain eyeglasses or endure preventable eye diseases, Sight For All works hard to achieve their vision of, “A world where everyone can see,” through countless hours of volunteering in developing countries.

There are currently more than 120 volunteers that travel to Sight For All’s partner countries and take on sight-saving projects - these “Visionaries” donate an average of 10,000 hours annually to this meaningful work. Partnered countries include Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and volunteers consist of specialists like optometrists, opthamologists, orthoptists, and ophthalmic nurses and researchers. Visionaries contribute to Sight For All’s strategy, which includes identifying areas of eye health needs through comprehensive research, providing effective diagnostic and surgical equipment to eye centres and hospitals in developing countries along with equipment upgrades, teaching doctors specialised surgical techniques and how to use high quality equipment through workshops and fellowships, and informing communities about the significance of eye health and how to approach treatment and the diagnostic process if needed.

Dr. Muecke, Chairman of Sight For All, was named 2020 Australian of the Year, which demonstrates the incredible work he and the team do for poverty-stricken communities around the world. They are dedicated, generous, and passionate as their projects reach 1 million patients every year with their specialised skill sets and modern technologies. 

As we partner with Sight For All, we commit to their mission of helping the world see by donating $5 per each pair of SummerEyez purchased. 

We value creating fashion-forward, sustainable products and aim to give back in purposeful ways through our platform. We’re grateful to be able to keep the SummerEyez community part of our intentions to always do better.

Source: Sight For All

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