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Our Team

What We Believe

SummerEyez was founded with a mission to inspire and impact the world with high quality stylish eyewear with a purpose.

That purpose is sustainability, affordability, being socially and environmentally responsible, and building a community that takes pride in being trendsetters and caring for our planet.


We're finding new techniques, using plant-based solutions to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Philosophy

One year ago, two friends took an early morning summer walk on the beach with coffees in hand and curiosity that evolved into a concept.

We wondered three things:

- Why can’t it always be summer?
- What can we do to make it feel like it is?
- And… Can we get another latte!?

Why SummerEyez?


Our frames are handmade of organic cellulose acetate from Italy. They originate from renewable and hypoallergenic sources of wood pulp and natural organic cotton fibres. We also use eco-friendly, nickel-free stainless steel for some frames and our durable hinges.

We’ve picked these materials to reduce the impact on the environment, which means if you choose to wear SummerEyez, you’re not only making a fashionable choice, you’re also making a sustainable one, and what’s not to love about that!?


The most important part of your sunglasses are the lenses and ours are designed to keep light out of your eyes while remaining unique. We know you want sunnies that complement your style and SummerEyez are designed with you in mind to keep those good-vibes alive.

SummerEyez lenses are polarised and made from a resin called CR-39, blocking 100% of UV 400 radiation & reduces glare with a polarised filter - which is the highest level of eye protection you want to have when wearing sunglasses.


Most sunglasses brands sell through retailers and distributors, adding on mark-up along the way and by the time it reaches you it’s almost triple the cost.

Being independently owned in Australia, we have partnered with a best-in-class manufacturing facility.

Everything we manufacture is made according to the highest specifications and from quality sustainable materials that will never let you down.

Our Story

After finishing our coffees, more questions surfaced because one of us broke a pair of really expensive sunglasses (the worst!), and we wondered why sunglasses cost so much, especially ones that don’t even protect our eyes very much. It made no sense.

That’s when our Aha! moment hit
Why don’t we make high quality plastic-free sunnies that actually shield our eyes and are… here’s a crazy idea… affordable!? 🤯 As we dove deeper into the ocean of this industry, we found that most sunglasses on the market aren’t eco-friendly and offer low quality eye protection.

This was a frustrating discovery since sunglasses are supposed to protect our eyes – THAT IS THEIR SOLE PURPOSE. And after realising they aren’t being made with materials that are safe for the environment, we decided to tackle that concern and seek change by sourcing the best organic elements to make eco-friendly, avant-garde, fashionable sunnies.

Our Team

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