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SummerEyez Sustainable Materials

We're finding new ways to use mother nature to perfect manufacturing, and reduce the impact on the environment.

It starts with organic materials, continues with better design and carries through to better factories and shipping methods.

Because our planet deserves better.

Handmade Italian Cellulose Acetate

Our frames are made from organic cotton and wood pulp, and this organic plant-based material is handmade in Italy by a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of Cellulose Acetate.

Apart from their good looks, did we mention they're also extremely comfortable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic!?

Nickel-Free Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is by nature 100% recyclable, almost indestructible and extremely strong. However, there are types of stainless steel with a high percentage of nickel which can cause some serious allergic reactions to our skin. Ours is nickel-free, meaning it is hypoallergenic.

Oh, and being nickel-free also means it won't corrode = no rust = happy days!

Organic CR-39 Lenses

When we couldn't find a lens that met our standards of ultimate comfort with the best-in-class optical quality, we invested in our own. Our CR-39 lenses are an organic resin, meaning they're made from a renewable material.

They offer premium optical quality, are lighter than glass, all while being less harmful to the planet!

Recycled Packaging

Even our packaging is made from recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable. This includes the box that your SummerEyez arrive in, to the protective packaging that they're shipped in.

Because everything needs a second chance.

Trees Planted with Every Order

At SummerEyez, we're passionate about sustainability. That's why with every order you will be supporting reforestation, renewables and helping reduce the global carbon footprint. By planting trees, we help by removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere & lower the overall impact that we are having on our environment.

Get involved and watch our forest grow!

Carbon Neutral Delivery

Utilising express delivery has a cost on the environment. That's why by opting into Australia Post's carbon neutral offset, and and DHL's GoGreen initiative, we ensure that the pollution caused by getting you your SummerEyez as fast as possible are offset by purchasing carbon credits.

Check out Aus Post's, and DHL's GoGreen initatives.