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SummerEyez was founded with a mission to inspire and impact the world with high quality stylish eyewear with a purpose.

That purpose is sustainability, affordability, being socially and environmentally responsible, and building a community that takes pride in being trendsetters.

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Polarised vs. Anti-Reflective Lenses
Anti-reflective lenses

Polarised vs. Anti-Reflective Lenses

Have you ever heard of the terms “polarised” and “anti-reflective” when it comes to glasses and thought, “Well… what’s the difference?” Us, too! Wh...

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Together with Ecologi, we responsibly plant 1 tree with every pair of SummerEyez ordered.

We believe in sustainability, we believe in living in harmony with the earth and we believe that this extends to all creatures of this earth, including us. 🌏

Together We've Planted Over 3000 Trees!

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