The 7 Hottest Sunglasses Styles in 2020

As the days are flying by in 2020, trends keep emerging in the sunglasses industry and we are SO here for it. 

There are many different kinds of sunglasses to choose from nowadays - vintage and modern chic frames, to retro 60’s vibes and aviator styles… with each distinct style representing a personality and image that can uniquely speak to who you are. 

Some of the most popular trends we’ve noticed are mentioned below and if we’re being honest, we know you’ll look stunning in at least one of these styles as you soak up the sun in your corner of the world.

One of our favourite trends of the year are the COLOURFUL pairs of sunglasses that keep being added to the mix. Bright, vividly coloured sunnies are wonderfully eye-catching and we see them often on beach-goers enjoying their endless summer days. After you’ve mastered your “classic” sunglasses look, purchasing a pair of colourful shades can really add a dash of personality to any outfit you’re wearing. If you’re not convinced colourful sunnies are for you, we’ll change your mind after you meet Oceana and Isla.

ROUND sunglasses have also become a growing trend over the past year. You know, the classic frames that Ozzy Osbourne seems to have been wearing since birth. Round frames are classy, retro, and a minimalistic way of adding an iconic layer to anything you’re wearing. We’ve got you covered when it comes to round frames, some may even say it’s our specialty - shop round SummerEyez here.

Sunglasses with GEOMETRIC frame shapes are also comin’ in hot this year. These kinds of sunnies have square and hexagon-like shapes with angles and less roundness, adding a whole new dimension to the sunglasses world and your appearance. Geometric-shaped sunglasses are a great way to level-up a simple outfit and add an edge to your image. It can take some time to feel comfortable wearing hexagon-shaped frames, so in case you need a softer geometric shape of sunglasses to build up to this hard-hitting style, we have the perfect ones here - meet Bondi.

AVIATORS are a classic go-to pair of shades that continue to make their way into the list of hot and trendy sunglasses. Considering this style of frame gained popularity as a pilot’s frame of choice, they are clearly meant to go anywhere in the world so feel free to pair them with any adventure you have planned. We created our own take on aviator frames and expect to see them worn by many because, well… they’re meant to see the world - meet Dune.

TORTOISE frames are another very popular choice of sunglasses this year. We see them just about everywhere we go and it’s easy to see why they’re so common. Tortoise-colored frames go with any outfit because of the natural earth tones embedded in the finish of the frames. Different shades of brown, black, and yellow make up tortoise-colored frames and they are guaranteed to make a defining statement once you step outside and the sun enhances their shine. Our SummerEyez collection offers a few tortoise-colored frames that are bound to become a classy favorite - meet Ariel, Coral, Henley, and Pearl.

Another popular style of sunnies we’ve seen accompanying faces are TOP BAR sunglasses. These statement-making shades are made for those seeking an impactful and bold image as they link frames with a refined detail of a thin bar at the top. As this trend is paving its way into the sunglasses game, we are doing our part in experimenting with different styles as well and have combined our aviator-like frames with a top bar detail. Check out our other shade of Dune to get a close up look. 

Lastly, the NINETIES have also made a comeback now more than ever. From high-waisted shorts to mom jeans and oversized tees, the nineties have truly never gone out of style. We know you’re familiar with the 90’s sunglasses look, the ones that celebs like Drew Barrymore and Johnny Depp rocked in movies and on the streets of Los Angeles in 1998... the simple, round frames that spark an extra dose of coolness. We have a few pairs of SummerEyez that instantly take your image back to the carefree 90’s days so we wouldn’t blame you for grabbing a pair (or two) of these nostalgic faves - meet Bay, Cove, and Horizon.

It should also be known that different face shapes can be complemented by specific styles. We have a great variety in our SummerEyez collection to get you started on your search for the perfect pair of shades and also have some guidance to finding your perfect type of frame. Check out our last blog for some tips on finding the right pair that is uniquely YOU - Which Sunglasses Suit Me?

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